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Solares De Venta: Dedicated to Making Your American Dream a Reality

Our team of property and owner-financing experts can help you purchase property on your own terms.

How We Got Started

The story of Solares De Venta began in the early 2000s when, Marion Janik and Adam Daniec, started to look for ways to help all Texans find their own American dream. They hoped to create a business that could give anyone the opportunity to own a property using a less traditional and more accessible method of financing.

In 2018 Derek Janik and Victor Daniec created  an easy way for buyers to become landowners with the creation of SolaresdeVenta.com Now, the business is able to utilize owner financing to make the American dream come true for anyone.

“Each day, we meet our goals and are faced with new obstacles that we are always eager to take on. We try to be better and bigger every day.” — Derek Janik

Working for the American Dream

Derek & Victor continue growing the business and propelling it forward into a new world of technology, working and perfecting their business to create landowning opportunities to people that have been rejected by banks or other lenders.

The goal for all of us at SolaresdeVenta.com is to make the American dream come true through owner financing. Every day, Derek and Victor meet that goal and are always eager to take on new obstacles in order to provide the best customer service people have come to expect at SolaresdeVenta.com

“We do our best everyday to help our customers grow by making their dreams of land ownership a reality.” — Derek Janik

How We Help Texans

At SolaresdeVenta.com, our mission is to make the lending process easier, providing financing options with features like NO credit checks that are capable of reaching more people who may not be able to use the traditional lending offered by a bank. Owner financing is a safe and easy way for aspiring landowners to purchase a property. Our company works to provide everything new landowners will need, from finding the perfect lot for you to our financing options we’re a one-stop-shop for new lot owners.

With communication as our main priority, we are dedicated to being available to our clients when they need us, maintaining open communication in order to ensure that they have the most recent and accurate information regarding what they need to make owner-financing their new lot a simple process.

Solares De Venta is Growing, and So are the Land-Owning Opportunities!

Solares De Venta is a family business, first and foremost, and as such we put a high amount of care into choosing our team members. Currently, we have about 50 people on staff from the very beginning of development all the way up to the financing and servicing portion of our customers’ loans. Our team works to manage everything from the biggest project to the smallest detail in order to ensure that your purchase, financing, and development runs smoothly.

Our team is available for contact through WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, email, text and phone.

Are You Ready to Become a Landowner? Contact Solares De Venta Today to Get Started on Your Process!

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